BeastFeast: Calcium Powder - 1 oz. (without D3)

BeastFeast: Calcium Powder - 1 oz. (without D3)


This powdered formula provides reptiles and amphibians with a source of phosphorous-free calcium carbonate that’s easily absorbed in the body.  It’s completely free of potentially harmful impurities and vitamin D3—so it’s best for pets whose diet already meets their daily vitamin D3 requirement.

For insectivores, place your pet’s crickets in a plastic bag, dust them with the supplement until covered and serve. For herbivores, add Repti Calcium to your pet’s food as directed. And for omnivores, choose either method! 

Key Benefits

  • Helps provide your companion with the daily calcium intake he needs.
  • Serves as a great supplement for pets whose diet already meets their vitamin D3 requirement. 
  • 100% free of harmful impurities for a supplement you can feel good about feeding your pet. 
  • Easily absorbed by insectivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

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Photos courtesy of Sarah Robitzer